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SPYCE.5 Integrates BUILD.5 API: A New Era of Blockchain Development

The blockchain ecosystem is witnessing a remarkable evolution. SPYCE.5, a platform synonymous with cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure and solutions, announces its support for the BUILD.5 API. This integration marks a significant milestone, introducing a new era of development on IOTA and Shimmer, one that promises enhanced efficiency, innovation, and accessibility.

From today on, SPYCE.5 customers will have full access to the advanced features of the BUILD.5 APIs, for use in their web3 and dApp (decentralized applications) development. Through the API developers can build on an extensive set of utilities, to create and fully manage DAOs, their members, reputation & awards, NFT fair launches, minting, trading & staking, as well as an extensive DeFi system for token launches, trading, staking, and distribution. 

The potential for developers to utilize these powerful APIs can already be observed on Soonaverse.com, a platform that showcases the capabilities of the BUILD5 APIs as a frontend to explore the whole IOTA and Shimmer Ecosystem.

Seamless Integration – Develop with the Power of Web3

To get started, create an account or log in to the SPYCE.5 platform. The BUILD5 API is already visible in the endpoints section. Similar to the Shimmer and ShimmerEVM (EVM Smart Contract Chain) the endpoint is fully compatible with the BUILD.5 SDK. 

All endpoints are accessible in a single view

Developers can send a first test request directly through curl:

curl -v -H 'content-type: application/json' "https://build5.shimmer.spyce5.com/INSERT-YOUR-API-KEY/api/getById?collection=member&uid=0x551fd2c7c7bf356bac194587dab2fcd46420054b"

After that, the sky is the limit on what to build, however, to get you started we recommend the following documentation: https://developer.build5.com/docs/overview

(Please note that the API is not fully documented on the portal yet. In case of questions, business requests, or other inquiries, please contact the team directly at https://build5.com/contact/)

In this video, Cisco’s John Capobianco is demonstrating the first PoC on how to utilize mutable NFTs to store network device configurations:

Enterprise Adoption – Ready Audit Trails via Stamp API

The Stamp API addresses the importance of data integrity in blockchain applications. It allows users to store a checksum of any file on the Chain, creating immutable records. This can be used for various purposes such as securing software or device updates for IoT devices or backing up content servers. The possibilities are endless and it is all done feelessly on IOTA and Shimmer. Users can also choose to upload files to IPFS or store data in Google Cloud (with pay-per-use functionality). There will be multiple storage providers for centralized and decentralized storage solutions in the future. The API has simple-to-use options for businesses, as it does not require any smart contracts and can easily be integrated into any cloud solution, to enhance existing products with the power of immutable audit trails for data & documentation. Enterprise Ready.

Ready Web3 – SPYCE.5’s Comprehensive Web3 Platform for Efficiency

Developers leveraging SPYCE.5 will find a treasure trove of tools and resources at their disposal.

SPYCE.5 already offers a fast track for developers to enable scaling of dApps and decrease time and costs to scale dApps to millions of users. The platform offers scalable APIs for DAG and blockchain technology networks, helping developers focus on their dApp development instead of web3 infrastructure scaling. In addition, developers can access additional tools and statistics to gain insights into their dApp, its interaction with the blockchain, debugging, and performance testing.

Try it out! The following script is designed to

1. demonstrate the process of creating a project,

2. issuing a digital asset or stamp, and

3. listening for updates on transactions and stamps in the BUILD5 ecosystem:


The platform provides tools to easily analyze and debug any interactions with the blockchain

The recent integration of BUILD.5 API’s is a significant achievement for the SPYCE.5 platform, as it allows for seamless access, ultimately streamlining blockchain development processes:

  • Highly scalable and performant blockchain APIs offer efficient and reliable data transfer and processing capabilities.
  • The SPYCE.5 platform enables smooth integration with various networks, facilitating connection and collaboration with other developers.
  • Developer tooling improves productivity and streamlines the development process, resulting in time and effort savings.
  • Developers can easily build innovative and secure applications by accessing blockchain APIs.
  • Improved efficiency and performance lead to faster transaction processing and decreased latency.

We are looking forward to seeing what you build with the SPYCE.5 and BUILD.5 integration!

About SPYCE.5

SPYCE.5 is pioneering the integration of advanced Infrastructure and Hybrid Chain solutions in the blockchain sector, representing a significant leap in Web3 technology. The services combine the strengths of both public and private blockchains to offer a solution that maximizes security, efficiency, and performance. This innovation caters to a variety of applications and organizations, focusing on delivering enhanced decentralized business ecosystems on the blockchain.

About BUILD.5

BUILD.5 is an open-source association dedicated to the creation of trust-based, secure, open ecosystems for enterprise tokenization, identity, decentralized markets, and immutable ledgers.

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